plsql error using tJasperReportExec

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plsql error using tJasperReportExec

I am using Talend Open Studio for Data Integration 5.6 using tJasperReportExec to create a report from a jasper jrxml file.  My report runs fine in Jasper studio 5.6 and it runs fine on jasper server 5.6. When I run it in Talend Open Studio for Data Integration using tJasperReportExec. I get the following error: net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JRException: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException; lineNumber: 18; columnNumber: 16; Error at line 18 char 16: No query executer factory registered for the 'plsql' language.

Re: plsql error using tJasperReportExec

tJasperReportExec is custom component developed by Talend Community user and shared on Talend Exchange.
You'd better contact to the author jlolling directly.
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Re: plsql error using tJasperReportExec

Thanks will contact the developer.  However I also tried using tJasperOutput and got the same error message.
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Re: plsql error using tJasperReportExec

Hi Dennis, I will check whats necessary to run PL/SQL queries. I am a bit surprised because it is a seldom use case.
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Re: plsql error using tJasperReportExec

That is great much appreciated.
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Re: plsql error using tJasperReportExec

I have worked around the plsql stored procedure for the short term, while you are looking into what it will take for tJasperReportExec to use plsql. I can make the report run using tJasperReportExec with hardcoding the value in the value column for tJasperReportExec. I need to use a variable in value column for the report parameters.  Like row1.centerid that I have used with other ETL components.  I am using tOracleInput to fetch rows from the database and want to use values coming back as input to tJasperReportExec.  How can this be done?
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Re: plsql error using tJasperReportExec

I guess you write the call to the stored procedure with the parameter as literals, right?
You can send the component parameters (the parameters you have defined in your report) and use them in the call.
I am not pretty much convinced you could not simply use the SQL type for the queries. I will try it in my own environment and get back to you this evening.


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