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passing a column name dynamically in schema


Is it possible to pass global variable as the column in the output schema ? as far as I tried the schema is not taking or giving any global variable (CTRL+SPACE).


Say for example, I'm fetching a column name from some oracle input and want to pass it to output schema.


Note: It is possible with dynamic schema, but I want to change schema for only one column dynamically not just for whole schema.


Please advise.


thanks in advance!!

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Re: passing a column name dynamically in schema

Hello param123,

What about passing the dynamic name dynamicly in the SQL request, but always getting the result of the additional column in a static name as 'dynamic_column'. See below : (I have kept the Id column and add the dynamic_column)

Sans titre.png

and here is the output schema:

Capture.PNGCould this solve your problem ?

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Re: passing a column name dynamically in schema



thanks for your response..


the approach you have followed is for input component. that part i have already done.

I'm struck in giving the column name dynamically in output schema...


with out defining a primary key the job is failing as primary key is required to insert data in output database.


since i have defined data as dynamic, I have added other flow to pass primary key also dynamically..but only thing pending is to pass that primary key in output schema dynamically. i.e whenver the input primary key column name changes for each iteration the output schema name also should get changed.


i have added job pic for your reference