org.apache.commons.lang library is missing?

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org.apache.commons.lang library is missing?

Hi all,
I need org.apache.commons.lang library for some useful methods (this case is StringEscapeUtils).
But org.apache.commons is unavailable and I don't know why.
I loaded library with tLibraryLoad, this is lib is in the list, but TOS doesn't recognize "org.apache.commons.lang.StringEscapeUtils.escapeJava".
I tried commons-langx.xx.jar.... end org.apache.commons.lang3x.xx.jar, but nothing.
I tried to create a custom routine and and manually import, but TOS show me only org.apache.log4j.....
Restarted TOS and nothing.
Any ideas? Is this correct?
P.S. I found it in module view, as an installed library.

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