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occasional when using tMAP

I occasionally get the following error when using the tMap component:
Exception in component tMap_7_TMAP_IN
java.lang.RuntimeException: illegal handle valu
This is extremely frustrating because it only throws the exception once in a while, and I'm dealing with the exact same data each time. Has anyone else encountered this error? What does it mean? How can I avoid it?
The attached pictures illustrate the overall job as well as the tMap usage. In addition, I attached the error message (in details). I'm not doing anything out of the ordinary (that I know of). Is there something I'm doing wrong and missing?
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Re: occasional when using tMAP

Please read the related problem on topic:
It cause error if there is a BigDecimal type in lookup schema when you are storing temp data on disk. To solve it, read it as string type, and then convert it to BigDecimal again after doing the join or use double type replace bigDecimal.
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