no match file exist with Tftpput

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no match file exist with Tftpput


When I want to send with TftpPut component, I have this error
no match file exist.
I try to put name of the files or name +directory and I have the same error...
an idea of problem?
Thanks for your help
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Re: no match file exist with Tftpput

Facing same problem:
when I provide complete path in Files table, error is no match file exist
But when I provide only file names error disappears, but no file transfer done to FTP
Appreciate your help
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Re: no match file exist with Tftpput

File does got transferred as I have put a OnSubjobOK link between tFTPConnection and tFTPPut. See screen shot
File does not got transferred if I put a OnComponentOK link between tFTPConnection and tFTPPut

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