connection refused

Six Stars connection refused

I am trying to connect to this talend repos using maven
but I got this error 
Could not transfer artifact org.talend.studioSmiley Surprisedrg.ta
lend.core.runtimeSmiley Tongueom:6.2.1 from/to talend_open (
/nexus/content/repositories/TalendOpenSourceRelease): Connect to newbuild.talend
.com:8081 failed: Connection refused: connect
I am getting the same error at home (no proxy)  
when putting in internet browser I get this error 
can't connect to the server 
Is there any setting to setup in maven setting.xml ?
Any Help 

Re: connection refused

Could you please try this to see if it works? Our IT team has changed our server, recently.
Best regards
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Six Stars

Re: connection refused

Hi Sabrina,
That's bette, thank you, but I still can't download jars from the new talend repository
 (It works when I do it manually from browser )
The proxy is set in the maven settings.xml file 
The error is the following 
Failed to execute goal on project XXX:
 Failed to collect dependencies at org.talend.studioSmiley
time:jar:6.2.0: Failed to read artifact descriptor for org.talend.studioSmiley Surprisedrg.tal
end.core.runtime:jar:6.2.0: Could not transfer artifact org.talend.studioSmiley Surprisedrg.ta
lend.core.runtimeSmiley Tongueom:6.2.0 from/to talend_open (http://https://artifacts-oss.ta Failed to transfer
 file: http://
e.runtime-6.2.0.pom. Return code is: 503 , ReasonPhraseSmiley Frustratedervice Unavailable
Is the server serves only clients authenticated through SSL protocol ?
Any idea ? thanks
best regards