my context variable is null in the tMysqlInput query

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my context variable is null in the tMysqlInput query


I have a problem with my job when I want to make a query with 2 context variables. I attached photos with my job and my components and when I run the job, it's giving me this error:

Exception in component tMysqlInput_1 (facebook_amazon_us)
at mava.facebook_amazon_us_0_1.facebook_amazon_us.tWaitForFile_1Process(
at mava.facebook_amazon_us_0_1.facebook_amazon_us.tMysqlConnection_1Process(
at mava.facebook_amazon_us_0_1.facebook_amazon_us.runJobInTOS(
at mava.facebook_amazon_us_0_1.facebook_amazon_us.main(

What I want to do in this job: I have a csv file with multiple columns. The first one is called Reporting_Starts. I want to get the first registration from that column and put it in the query for a select like: SELECT * FROM my_table WHERE MONTH(my_table.Reporting_Starts)='"+context.month+"'. I cannot get why my tJava_4 sees the variables and tMysqlInput don't. 

In my tJava_4 I have the following code:



Please let me know if you need any additional information about the job.



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Re: my context variable is null in the tMysqlInput query

I think this because of the link between the components. could you please try removing iterate link from tInputFileDelimited_1 and connect javarow1 to java4 with onComponentOK link.

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