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multiple projects vs one project in TAC



I cannot open two projects at the same time.


If I try, firstly I need to use different workspace, as suggested in this link: "Cannot open another project within same repository"

Then I was hit by user "" already logon error.


Given that I can use "Folders/sub folders" to manage jobs, what are benefits to use multiple projects instead of one project?





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Re: multiple projects vs one project in TAC

If we create multiple connections with diferent workspace i hv observed Talend gives error after restart, all connections are deleted.

Under one workspace if we create multiple projects, we can switch from one project to another, also every project will have there own meta/ code/ contexts etc, i.e they are not shared.

But if we create folders/ subfolder for job under single project, context etc is shared among them.

may be i m wrong, others feel free to correct me.
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Re: multiple projects vs one project in TAC


Although, as you mentioned, I can switch from first project to second one, it's not possible to do the switch while a long running job in the first project isn't finished.  You can work on the second job, while the first job is running if they belongs to the same project.


What are the advantages to have multiple projects? One thing I can think of is for the security reason you want to block some developers to read or modify the code developed by other developers.