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migration from mysql to couchbase using talend


i am migrating data from mysql to couchbase database using talend open studio. following are the details :

mysql version : 5.6.37

couchbase server : 4.6.3

talend version  : 6.4.1

couchbase-client (jar) : 1.4.13

following is the error log:


Starting job test1 at 08:44 08/11/2017.

[statistics] connecting to socket on port 3436
[statistics] connected
Exception in component tCouchbaseOutput_1_In (test1)
at project1.test1_0_1.test1.tMysqlInput_1Process(
at project1.test1_0_1.test1.runJobInTOS(
at project1.test1_0_1.test1.main(
[statistics] disconnected
Job test1 ended at 08:44 08/11/2017. [exit code=1]


i have verified the fields and their null-able properties and seems they are fine. 

please suggest  


Re: migration from mysql to couchbase using talend


Are you using any t<DB>Connection component in your work flow? Your job design screenshot will be helpful for us to address your issue quickly.

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