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migrate data from informix to mysql

has anyone had an experience in migrating data from informix database to mysql? i am looking at talend to do this but i have no good prior experience with talend. i will really appreciate all the assistance.
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Re: migrate data from informix to mysql

Yes, Talend Open Studio would be a good tool to do this with. Here's the simple explanation of what you would need to do:
* In MySQL, create your destination database.
* In TOS, put your Informix database credentials into a new DB Connection under the Metadata.
* Also, put your MySQL database creds into another Metadata DB Connection.
* Add a tInformixInput component to your job, and configure the query as appropriate.
* Add a tMysqlOutput component to your job and configure as appropriate.
* Add a tMap component that will translate the rows coming from Informix to whatever format is needed for MySQL.
* Connect the tInformixInput to the tMap and the tMap output to the tMysqlOutput.
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Re: migrate data from informix to mysql

Hi ewall,
thanks, let me give it a try and let you know how it goes.