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migrate data from PostgreSql to Couchbase


someone can help  e to create job to migrate data Postgresql to couchbase

My Job : TPostgreSqlInput=>tWriteJSONField=>tCoubaseOutput


my problem is that json content of tWriteJsonFiled is stored in couchbase a  value of my json file :   


"srv_id" : 1,

 "json": "[{\"db_name\":\"NKO000S\"},{\"db_name\":\"GSE000V\"},.......


i can't  structure my json like :.


"srv_id" : 1,




in input i have 2 tables serveurs (list of serveur) and databases (liste of database) with relation 1 ot n

i whant to generateone entry by serveur in couchbase with and json  file with serveur attributes and databases list.


TALEND Version 6.5.1

Couchbase  Version 5.0.1