md5-checksum : 31 chars

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md5-checksum : 31 chars

Hi all,
I'm using 4.2.3 version of TIS.
I've noticed that for some files of an FTP serveur, the md5-checksum is not always 32 chars long when using the tFTPFileProperties. For example, when the md5-checksum gives me 9daefc3397d61e35581acc7380e763a (31 chars) with tFTPFileProperties. But when I've downloaded it, the md5-checksum is 09daefc3397d61e35581acc7380e763a (32 chars) with the tFileProperties... If the solution is to add a 0, I can manage with it.
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Re: md5-checksum : 31 chars

The code related to md5 is
row1.md5 = new java.math.BigInteger(1,

Maybe this is due to that BigInteger() method needs to be converted into String.
Please report it on BugTracker.