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<talend>\tac\archive directory cleanup?

I've a \tac\archive within my talend installation that keeps growing (currently 10GB).
Can I clean up this directory?
Here is a sample:
Le volume dans le lecteur D s'appelle TIS
Le numéro de série du volume est B642-6CEB
Répertoire de D:\...\tac\archive
09/01/2012 10:41 <REP> .
09/01/2012 10:41 <REP> ..
20/11/2013 12:35 <REP> cmdline
09/01/2012 10:41 <REP> components
20/11/2013 12:36 <REP> jobs
20/11/2013 16:11 <REP> logs
09/01/2012 10:41 <REP> soa
0 fichier(s) 0 octets
7 Rép(s) 1 686 544 384 octets libres

"cmdline" and "jobs" folders contain lots of "task_xxxx" folders, each of one containing multiple .zip files...
Is it possible to delete anything here?
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Re: <talend>\tac\archive directory cleanup?

Take a look at
That shows a general approach to iterating through a set of subdirectories. Replace "tFileProperties -> tLogRow" with tFileDelete, for example. You may also want to read up on setting a context variable, then using runif based on the current value of the variable. This is useful if you only want to delete files that are older than a certain date, for example.
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Re: <talend>\tac\archive directory cleanup?

thanks for the tip, but I'm not searching a way to delete files, only if I can delete them? Smiley Happy
Can I delete files and folders under the \tac\archive folder? If yes, should I keep anything? For example, the last file in each directory?
thanks again