loop on set of context

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loop on set of context

Hi all,
I would like to create a job whose purpose is to retrieve data from different databases which have exactly the same tables. The way I found to define a generic connection is to create some context variables such as host, port, database, ... Then in my DB components, I use these context variables to specify the DB connection. Finally, I create one context for each of my database.
Does anyone knows whenever it's possible to create a loop on the contexts of a job? Or do I have to create one tRunJob for each of them and then connect them via main rows?
Third question: can you imagine a better design for the whole problem?

Re: loop on set of context

The brand new component tContextLoad initializes a context from an input component. The input component may be a file or a database component. The schema has 2 columns : key and value.
You could create one file for each database connection context and iterate with tFileList.

Hope this helps.