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.log file in compiled directory

Hi all,


Bit of a strange one (maybe), but thought I'd ask anyway.


I have created some new jobs (Talend OS for DI and built them.  When these jobs run, they produce a .log text file in the main directory (where the .sh is).


I'm editing an old job, and it doesn't do this same behaviour.  I assume it's by default in the newer jobs, as it's not something I've turned on.  It essentially prints out everything that would be in the console to the text file.



Anyone know how I can enable this on the job that doesn't seem to do it?

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Re: .log file in compiled directory

Hi cjj
With Talend Open studio for DI, no messages are logged when you edit a job.
With Talend Enterprise subscription product, the project are stored in SVN or git server, when you edit a job in studio and submit the change, you are able to add a customize log message by turning on the 'Custom log' option.


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Re: .log file in compiled directory

Hi shong

I don't think you've understood the question.

This relates to a runtime log file. It can be done as it is doing it