listOfValue context does not work.

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listOfValue context does not work.

Hi Talend Team,

I am having a problem when using the listOfValue context type in creating a context value. It seems it does not work. I have an array list of values that I want to store inside one context value. So I created a context value and set the Type to "listOfValue" and inputted my set of values as shown below: 



Then as I tried to execute a test job using a tJava and print them(using a simple System.out.println)to see if I can get a random list of values out of the context. This is what happened:
 So it will only list the FIRST value that I set. I am not sure what is causing this, and apparently Im not the only one experiencing this because I think I have seen this in the old talend forum site(talendForge) which by God knows what does not seem to open(Is the site officially dead?). 

Anyways, any help would be gladly appreciated. 



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Re: listOfValue context does not work.

Please provide your code in tjava component