key value pairs

my requirement...
i want to create key value pairs ...
1)one set of such key value pairs would be named NormalizeStatus
2)another set would be named NodeModel
i could use tcontextload...but is it possible to use multiple tcontextload's in the same job...possibly i could RENAME each tcontextload and use it to reference the required one??
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Re: key value pairs

You can load multiple files into contexts by using tFileList-->tFileInputDelimited--->tContextLoad

Re: key value pairs

yup, it worked....thanks a lot.. Smiley Happy Smiley Happy
earlier i had a problem because i was trying to read using globalMap.get(key) instead of using context.get(key)...

Re: key value pairs

i am facing another issue.
i loaded the key value pairs as you said above.
now i have to iterate through the keys and perform another operation---i.e., i want to fill an xml file..

so ,
after loading into the tcontextload,---------onsubjob ok----->tloop----->tjava
and in tjava ,i just tried getting the values by giving (String)context.get(key);
it returns the ERROR: key cannot be resolved to a variable

how do i solve this?