jtds jar missing

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jtds jar missing

I'm trying to use the tmssqlinput and transfer data from mssql into a big data connector, using TOS_BD-r90320-V5.2.0M4 but getting the error "Module jtds-1.2.5.jar required"
In TOS_DI-Win32-r90681-V5.1.2 build the same connection works fine. Has it been taken out of the big data build? If so how can I put it back in?
I did locate this jar file and put it in plugins folder, but still doesn't work.
Any ideas anyone?

Re: jtds jar missing

Hi, matthew123
Talend Open Studio for Big Data is provided under the Apache license v2 agreement terms, however, javacsv.jar is under GPL or LGPL license, it is not compatible with Apache license. Base on the different license, Talend don't have built-in javacsv.jar. Indeed, javacsv.jar is not the only one, all the jars under GPL or LGPL license are not embeded in Talend Open Studio for Big DataTo fix the problem, you are required to install these jars manually before using the corresponding component. Fortunately, you can find these jars from Talend Open Studio for Data Integration. Talend Open Studio is provider under the GPL v2 Open Source license agreement terms and it embeds these jars.
We will demonstrate how to install javacsv.jar, for example, to describe how to install these jars that are not compatible with Apache license in Talend Open Studio for Big Data. Below are ways to install javacsv.jar, follow one of them to install it.
First way

1. Download Talend Open Studio for Data Integration from Talend download page. It is recommended to download the same version as Talend Open Studio for Big Data you are using.(pic1)
2.Install Talend Open Studio for Data Integration.
3.Launch Talend Open Studio for Big Data, open the Modules view, check that which components requires javacsv.jar. The javacsv.jar must locates in one of these components folder: <Talend Open Studio for Data Integration-installation-path>/plugins/org.talend.designer.components.localprovider_x.x.x.rxxxxxx/components/component_folder/. For example, javacsv.jar locates in <Talend Open Studio for Data Integration-installation -path>/plugins/org.talend.designer.components.localprovider_x.x.x.rxxxxxx/components/tFileInputDelimited(pic2)
4.Go to <Talend Open Studio for Data Integration-installation-path>/plugins/org.talend.designer.components.localprovider_x.x.x.rxxxxxx/components/tFileInputDelimited/, copy the javacsv.jar, paste it into <Talend Open Studio for Big Data installation path>/lib/java/.
5.In Modules view, click Refresh button. Afterwards, you can see the javacsv.jar is installed.(pic3)

Second way

1.Launch Talend Open Studio for Big Data, open the Modules view, click Import Jars button the right hand corner.
2.Browse the javacsv.jar (see the First way to know how to find the javacsv.jar), followed by clicking OK button.(pic5)
3.In Modules view, click Refresh button to refresh the list.
Best regards
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