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json string from mysql db and extract json fields

One column "Unknown" in local mysql db table has following 2 sample rows:

{"sourceData":{"1":"20171231","2":"US","3":" 019044037984006","4":"Lend "}}



So essentially, each row is a json string.

I need to import from db and then extract the json values and map it to output columns in another table in local mysql db


I imported this column and wrote it to tfileoutputjson and I get something like this:


{"file_record":"{\"sourceData\":{\"a\":\"20171231\",\"b\":\"US\",\"c\":\" 019044037984006\",\"d\":\"Lend \"}}"}]


I need help in extracting this json data, store in csv and map to output fields

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Re: json string from mysql db and extract json fields

Hi vshivkaushik

You can use tExtractJsonFields to extract data from the json string, you don't need to write the json string to a file, the job design looks like:



please refer to the component documentation and learn this component, let me know if you have any issues. 





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