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java.lang.NullPointerException in tSugarCRMOutput_1

Hello, I get the following error when running my job (SQL in to SugarCRM out):
Exception in component tSugarCRMOutput_1
at suqarcrm_data_xfer.product_sales_0_1.Product_Sales.tMSSqlInput_1Process(
at suqarcrm_data_xfer.product_sales_0_1.Product_Sales.runJobInTOS(
at suqarcrm_data_xfer.product_sales_0_1.Product_Sales.main(
Searching the forums I found this thread: which points to null values in my outgoing data. However, we checked the data coming from SQL and there are no null values. Is there another possibility? Is this definitely a schema problem?
Thanks for any help on this!
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Re: java.lang.NullPointerException in tSugarCRMOutput_1

Make sure you remove any columns on your output schema to Sugar that are not getting mapped, or are restricted from inserts/updates.