Unable to delete file Error

One Star Unable to delete file Error

Hi All,
I have seen this error message on the TAC logs. The same error is logged multiple times in the log.
2012-10-04 10:08:41 WARN FileDirCleaner - TempDataCleaner: 8 error(s) have occured when trying to clean the following file or directory 'd:\TalendAdministrator\logs\executionLogs', the first error is the following : Unable to delete file: d:\TalendAdministrator\logs\executionLogs\xxxx.log
at org.talend.utils.files.FileDirCleaner.cleanFilesDirRecursively(Unknown Source)
at org.talend.utils.files.FileDirCleaner.clean(Unknown Source)
at org.talend.utils.files.AbstractDataCleaner.cleanLoop(Unknown Source)
at org.talend.utils.files.AbstractDataCleaner.access$0(Unknown Source)
at org.talend.utils.files.AbstractDataCleaner$ Source)
We are using Talend Enterprise version 4.1.2. I have gone through some posts to find a fix for this.
1. Installing a patch to fix the solution.
2. User who is launching tomcat has the full right on the talend folders.
Anyone has faced this issue and how did they fix it?
Thanks in Advance!!!
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Re: Unable to delete file Error

Dear ramtalend
Which OS? why it can not be deleted? it could be file permissions?or it was a bug on this version? Can you delete the file manually?
BTW, V4.1.2 is an older version, Talend don't offer technical support for this version any more. I suggest you to contact your usual Talend rep and ask for product upgrades.
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Re: Unable to delete file Error

Thanks Shong for the reply. The OS is Windows Server 2008 R2. The file doesn't exist anymore. It logged the error when it tried to delete the file initially. It looks like eventually the file got deleted as the file doesn't exist anymore. Are there any bugs reported related to this error for this specific version ?