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java API to read excel component

Hi all,
I am new to talend & started learning it for last couple of days. I am currently just trying display my excel input on console. Before displaying output, I am trying to process data using some java code. For this I tried using tJavaRow component & it worked fine for me. I used outout_row.A = input_row.A*2 which worked fine.
So now instead of tJavaRow, I am trying to use tJavaFlex component, through which I will be able use start code, main code & end code. So can any one please provide some examples of APIs that can be used to access excel input into tJavaFlex component?
Any examples will be useful & or if you can just point me to any urls where it is used, that will be great. I am using Talend 5.2.1- Open Studio For Data Integration

Re: java API to read excel component

Here is a component reference about tJavaFlex with a scenario, hope it will give you a little help.
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Re: java API to read excel component

Thanks Sabrina. I was actually trying to use because of which it was not working. Later I came to know that I have connected row2 to tJavaFlex. So worked fine for me. Thanks