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invoking a service using trestClient

Hi All,

I want to invoke a server using trestclient.

the URL is of the format.. 



could you please suggest how to configure the trestClient.




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Re: invoking a service using trestClient

Does that url work if you put it into a web browser? If so, it is likely a GET method. If that is the case, just use the tRestClient with that url in the URL parameter (...surrounded by quotes)

Rilhia Solutions
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Re: invoking a service using trestClient

Hi Rilhia,

i tried with curl command in the server and it worked.

Below is the error which I am getting when directly putting the URL in the trestclient..


Execution failed : Job compile errors
At least job "FM_AssureNow_Alarms" has a compile errors, please fix and export again.
Error Line: 898
Detail Message: Invalid escape sequence (valid ones are \b \t \n \f \r \" \' \\ )
There may be some other errors caused by JVM compatibility. Make sure your JVM setup is similar to the studio.


Could you help?