invalid UTF8 data

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invalid UTF8 data

I'm using TOS 4.2.2 as a loading tool to DwH
I load every day tables with a job from PROGRESS OPENEDGE database to SQL Server 2005 with tJDBCInput componment.
I get this error sometimes
Transliteration failed, reason: invalid UTF8 data

My questions are :

- What is the problem : Is there characters in database that are not supported by the driver ?
- How to resolve : Should I active the option : Window > Preferences > Specific Settings and "Allow specific characters (UTF8,...) for columns of schemas. "
- Or should I edit Window > Preferences > Specific Settings "Metadata of Talend Type"
- Or what can I do ?
Many thanks in advance
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Re: invalid UTF8 data

The problem is the value contains special characters, like ©? what is the database character set?
Best regards
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