installing a connector

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installing a connector

My goal is to use Talend to load data into an Infobright database.
I currently know very little about Talend, but I believe it can do what I am looking for.
I found and I have downloaded
1. Connector Core Library ( ), this is the interface to the Infobright Loader. It is needed for all ETL tools.
2. Talend ETL connector (, this is the vendor specific ETL interface to the Infobright Core Library interface.
After unzipping the files I do not know where to place them, or what to do next. I do know that I need to rename a .DLL file and place it in the Windows directory, but is that it? What do I do with all the other files?
I have scanned through manuals, and Google searched, but I cannot find anything on how to install or add a connector to Talend. I am likely missing something simple, and using the wrong terminology.
Thank you.
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Re: installing a connector

So I found the word I should have used is "Component" and I found the place to set a user directory of components from the menu Windows->Preferences, and in the treeview under Talend->Components.
I put all the contents from the zip files into a folder, and set that folder as my "user component folder", and renamed/copied a dll into the Windows directory.
But I still cannot figure out how to get anything related to Infobright in the pallet of connectors.
What am I missing?
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Re: installing a connector

I got these better instructions:
Download the Talend connector from our Contributed Software page, as it has all the needed components including the core JAR and the DLL. (You would have to download them separately if you use the TalendForge download.)
This is installed just like any Talend custom component: Unzip the package into
<<talend install dir>>/plugins/ org.talend.designer.components.localprovider_<<<talend version>>.r<<talend build number>>/components/
Additionally, inside the zip are 2 DLLs: infobright_jni_32bit.dll and infobright_jni_64bit.dll. Choose the appropriate one for your JVM and place it in C:\WINDOWS and rename it to infobright_jni.dll (removing the _32bit or _64bit)
I then found the Infobright connector inside the MySQL folder.


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