install talend on pure linux environment

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install talend on pure linux environment

Hi ,

   We have a requirement of launching talend on a ubuntu linux machine . but it has no ubuntu GUI. Can we install and launch talend in this case if yes please help me out. 

Talend is a drag and Drop GUI base application how is it possible to launch it in pure linux environment. Please suggest links if you have.

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Re: install talend on pure linux environment

Hi there,


You can deploy stand-alone exported Talend jobs to any environment which has Java installed, and I personally find the best approach is to develop locally on a machine which does have a GUI, and then deploy to the server on which the job is to actually run. You should use contexts, which then allow you to change any database settings etc. once deployed.


If you absolutely must develop on a Linux server which has no GUI, then you can install the relevant GUI libraries etc. on the server, and run a local x-server (e.g. VcXsrv on Windows) communicating over SSH. It's very slow, but it does work.


I've done this a handful of times over the years, but in all honesty, the amount of software you need to install on the server, the resources required to run the Talend GUI on this server, and the poor performance you're going to get when you're interacting with this over SSH, mean that it's really not practical except in emergencies.