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inputstream is closed in tFTPGet component

Hi All,


While running my job to download the file from FTP, sometimes my job is failing due to "inputstream is closed"

Below is the complete error message details,


Is there any specific setting in tFTPGet component which is required to resolve this issue.


Exception in component tFTPGet_1
at com.jcraft.jsch.ChannelSftp._get(
at com.jcraft.jsch.ChannelSftp.get(
at xyz_150986136.ABCD_job_0_1.ABCD_Job$1SFTPGetter_tFTPGet_1.downloadFile(
at xyz_150986136.ABCD_job_0_1.ABCD_Job$1SFTPGetter_tFTPGet_1.getFiles(
at xyz_150986136.ABCD_job_0_1.ABCD_Job.tFTPFileList_1Process(
at xyz_150986136.ABCD_job_0_1.ABCD_Job.runJobInTOS(
at xyz_150986136.ABCD_job_0_1.ABCD_Job.main(
Caused by: inputstream is closed
at com.jcraft.jsch.ChannelSftp.fill(
at com.jcraft.jsch.ChannelSftp.header(
at com.jcraft.jsch.ChannelSftp._get(
... 6 more
[WARN ]: xyz_150986136.ABCD_job_0_1.ABCD_Job - Job End Date - Time : 2017-08-16 09:07:21
[FATAL]: xyz_150986136.ABCD_job_0_1.ABCD_Job - tJava_2 null
Exception in component tJava_2
at xyz_150986136.ABCD_job_0_1.ABCD_Job.tJava_2Process(
at xyz_150986136.ABCD_job_0_1.ABCD_Job.tPostjob_1Process(
at xyz_150986136.ABCD_job_0_1.ABCD_Job.runJobInTOS(
at xyz_150986136.ABCD_job_0_1.ABCD_Job.main(

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Re: inputstream is closed in tFTPGet component

Are there many files are downloaded? Does the job create multiple FTP connection? Can you upload a screenshot of your job design?

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Re: inputstream is closed in tFTPGet component

Hi Shong,


Yes, There are multiple files getting downloaded.

My Job has two tFTPConnection component (One for tFTPGet, other for tFTPPut)

I am using two, because file download takes around 2 hours and while uploading I want to check if connection is still open or not.

I have one Child Job as well, which is also having same tFTPConnection and tFTPPut components.


See attached screen shot for the job.  


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Re: inputstream is closed in tFTPGet component

Do you think using "resume" option would help here?


See attached