i-doit API Connection

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i-doit API Connection

Hello there,

i have a newbie question and i just don't see how to do it.


I need to import a csv into i-doit CDMB and want to use the REST API.
So i tried to use tRestClient to connect with the API and upload my csv line by line but i don't get the necessary json right:


Example JSON for Body


    "jsonrpc": "2.0",
    "method": "cmdb.object.create",
    "params": {
        "type": "C__OBJTYPE__SERVER",
        "title": "My little server",
        "apikey": "c1ia5q"
    "id": 1

What i need is a way to send this per tRestClient and use a colume from my csv for TITLE (and some other fields).


I tried it with tRest where you can set this as body with no problems, but, call me stupid, i don't get around how to get this done with a variable from my csv.


I would be delighted it someone can help me with some ideas


Kind regards,



Re: i-doit API Connection


You will build the JSON using tXMLMap and other components.  Read this https://stackoverflow.com/questions/30803355/send-json-request-using-trestclient-with-nested-object-...


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