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how to use talend with hadoop cluster

Hi,I m a hadoop devOps Engineer, I need to do a POC with Talend where I enable developers to write ETL jobs using talend that run on hadoop. My cluster uses RHEL 6.4
I m a Talend Dummy, so I did my search for a few days, but need some help. My company only wants to use free version of talend with open source license.
I found talend big data studio, but its a client that sits on developer desktops. I m not able to find what is the talend
1. what is the talend server software (a tar.gz, or an rpm or a yum repo ) that i need to download and install ? do you recommend to install on edge node ? 
2. how to integrate it with hadoop, I m sure there will be some config files i need to mess with. pls help me with the procedure.
3. do i need the MDM, BPM, ESB components of talend for my use case ? I thought NO, but just wanted to confirm
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Re: how to use talend with hadoop cluster

You don't need to hard code any more with Talend Open Studio for Big data, you can integrate with Hadoop in a short time with Talend big data product. Getting start quickly with Talend Open Studio for Big data with big data sanbox.
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