how to use below case statement in tmap

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how to use below case statement in tmap

Hi People,

Can somebody help me converting below case statement in tmap please.


case when substr(naics_cd,1,2)='23' then 'Construction'
when substr(naics_cd,1,2)='11' then 'Agriculture'
when (substr(naics_cd,1,2) in ('31','32','33') and SUBSTR(NAICS_CD,1,4) not in('3366')) then 'Manufacturing'
when (substr(naics_cd,1,4) in('3366', '4872', '4883') or substr(naics_cd,1,3)='483') then 'Maritime'
else 'General Industry'
END as col


Thanks in advance


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Re: how to use below case statement in tmap

There are several ways to do this.

1) You can write a routine which uses a Java switch statement (  and

2) You can make use of tMap variables and test each of your cases per variable. For example, you could have 6 variables (Construction, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Maritime, General_Industry and Result)and test your column values against each of them. Then use the Result variable to assess which variable value to use. An example of the variable code (without the substring Java since this can be Googled) would be.....


row1.value.compareToIgnoreCase("23")==0 ? "Construction" : null

Then the Result variable would hold something like below (assuming the other variables have been configured)...

Var.Construction!=null ? Var.Construction : Var.Agriculture !=null ? Var.Agriculture : Var.Manufacturing!=null ? Var.Manufacturing : Var.Maritime!= null ? Var.Maritime : Var.General_Industry!=null ? Var.General_Industry : null


......there are other ways, but the above should help you


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