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how to resize note component

this is a terribly simple thing, but how does one resize the note component in the Misc folder of the Pallet? note doesn't appear in the Component TOC and it defaults to a tiny size that makes it useless. I'm running on MacOS and all the familiar corner drags and context menu options haven't panned out.
Also, is there any way to have mouse-over docstrings appear for components. They all have the documentation tab, but i'm less interested in generating it to html than having the hover ability.
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Re: how to resize note component

Which version are you using? It might be a bug on MACOS. Normally, you should be able to resize the component by drag its border.
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Re: how to resize note component

I have the same frustrating problem and I am using TOS 5.3.1 (windows 7, 64bits).
The mouse doesn't change its look&feel on the edge of my note component Smiley Sad
EDIT : finally the component is resizable but it is so sensitive, in most cases I have the move cursor !
You have to point exactly at the squares at the edge of the note component.