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how to parse xml or filter document from tExtractXMLField

I have a - Type - document coming from the tExtractXMLField and I need to parse or filter out a attribute by value, I have 174 rows and I want to have only 4 rows afterwards, I don't care which way to do this, I tried using a routine within the txmlmap, but it did not work, it returned the value as a column. I am not sure what options I have, I am new to talend, and trying to pull this data into maps, then take the data and populate a column from this data in a new database. I have another txmlMap that gives me the other information I want to use, it is 170 rows, so the end result will be to use both maps to create one table with 170 rows with the column from the maps, and this will include taking the 4 rows and repeating the value in each column to have a normalized table.
End reuslt I need is as following.
year | country | item numbers | items | amounts
2009 us 1 candy 1
2009 us 2 corn 3
2009 us 15 meat 1
the four attributes are the year, country, etc. and the 170 other rows will be items, amounts, etc.
I have the 170 rows mapped and ready, just need to parse the other four and map, so I can combine some way to produce the above output.
thanks, in advance