how to install talend esb in windows: complete reference

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how to install talend esb in windows: complete reference

I've been worked with talend open studio alot. Now I've just started working Talend studio (enterprise version) and esb.
I have couple of questions. Please help me to understand
1) I have only seen the installed enterprise version of talend. I see Integration and mediation selection on the top right side ? Does that mean Talend enterprise DI and ESB(mediation)  both are available at the same time ?
2) How different esb is from Talend studio ?
3) How can I can learn about complete Talend admin section, from installation to setting up everything like creating users, setting up studio on local host, job conductor, esb conductor, svn etc ? These enterprise stuidos am not having on my machine. Is there any tutorial available online to learn this thing ?

Re: how to install talend esb in windows: complete reference

Actully, you can find both talend data integration and ESB mediation perspective in Talend open source for ESB product.
For more information about Talend ESB product(subscription version), please refer to ESB
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