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how to create multiple PDF report with the same tJasperOutput

I need to create reports with the same Jasper Template. I will have different data set each time. I want it to work like the group by in SQL, and be able to save the report separately by each group. See example below. Is there a way I can do achieve the goal or do something like my example?
1. All data is in tFileInputDelimited and will pass the data to tJasperOutput componment.
2. As the example below, I want to create Three Jasper Reports with the same Report template. One need to name as TemplateName_A, and it will include Tom and Jack's row in the report; the second one need to name as TemplateName_B with Tim and Amy's row; the last one need to name as TemplateName_C with Sandy's row. 
Class     Name        Gender
A          Tom           M
A          Jack           M
B          Tim            M
B          Amy           F
C         Sandy         F