help for TDB2SP

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help for TDB2SP

i have to call a stored procedure DB2 from my job.
The stored procedure have some output parameter for the management of errors, input parameter and return record set with multiple row.
I put my input parameter in csv file and pass from this in my TDB2SP component that have schema with define also the output parameter.
How can i define parameter in this component? I try whit a list of output and input parameter, or only with input parameter and i don't know how can i define the output parameter for record set.
I Always take sql error -440 on calling stored procedure because the parameter for Stored procedure isn't right.
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Re: help for TDB2SP

Hi gaglials,

Have you checked an example of stored procedure.... DB2 SP must be similar to ORA SP.
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Re: help for TDB2SP

yes hi checked example but i have record set return with input but also other output.
I define also the output parameter in the schema of component but i don't understand if i have to declare output in list of parameter.
If i put this the SP call have number of parameters that contain the output parameter.
Also if i don't put this in list of parameters i have sql error -440.
What datatype i use for cursor return? Object and then i use component for parse??? I try  but i can't resolve call at sp.
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Re: help for TDB2SP

Sorry, i managed to call SP DB2 but i don't understand how can i manage the return.
I have 4 output (error handlind and number of occurrences of cursor) and also cursor return.
How can i take columns of each row and put in output (table or file output delimited)?


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