having Big excel files as input

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having Big excel files as input

I have 2 excel (they have the same schema) files that each one of them have respectivly 2 and 4 sheets with a total size of 11 Mo (around 150000 rows) and i want to load them into a postgresql database using tfileList and i dosen't work but when i delete 2 sheets from the second file it works so i'm wondering if its because of my pc memory(4 GB) or something else??


Re: having Big excel files as input


Please try to check out "Die on error" option for tPostgresqlOutput component to see if there is any out of memory issue when build your job with big excel files as input.

You can allocate more memory to the job execution.

Here is a KB article about:https://community.talend.com/t5/Migration-Configuration-and/OutOfMemory-Exception/ta-p/21669

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Re: having Big excel files as input

Any error message displayed on the console?