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hadoop + kerberos: use proxy user when executing operations



in pure Java it is possible to use a ProxyUser to perform operations on the hadoop cluster. With the UserGroupInformation created via:


UserGroupInformation.createProxyUser(principal.getName(), UserGroupInformation.getLoginUser());

I'm able to login with a kerberos keytab but the kerberos user is impersonating another user (important for creating files with correct ownership).


Unfortunately I haven't found out yet how to impersonate another user when using Talend for connecting and performing operations on sour hadoop cluster. The authoriztaion via keytab works flawless but files are written with the wrong fileowner.


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Re: hadoop + kerberos: use proxy user when executing operations


Do you mean Kerberos is failing at your proxy user? Is your job working properly on machine when Kerberos is disable?

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