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hadoop-conf-b8_DgJ0REeWvb7IFaQmiMw.jar required

I am trying to run a job with tHiveInput component to execute a query.  The attached window pops up asking me to install the mentioned jar file.  I cannot find this jar file while googling for it.  Where can I locate this jar file?

Re: hadoop-conf-b8_DgJ0REeWvb7IFaQmiMw.jar required

Could you please check documents about:TalendHelpCenter:Identify required external modules and TalendHelpCenter:Install external modules?
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Re: hadoop-conf-b8_DgJ0REeWvb7IFaQmiMw.jar required

I have also encountered the same issue, the missing jar file is named hadoop-conf-_ZAp40MRvEeWSio9lEliTsQ.jar
I am unable to find it anyway online too. Have you solved the issue? Please share on how it was resolved in your case. Thank you so much.