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generic schema - set a field as enum

In a generic schema, I need to set a field as an Enum (as named in MySQL).
A simple example :
Field named ANSWER : Enum("Yes","No","No answer")
About the little story, I have to integrate XLS files into an Oracle database and I use tSchemaComplianceCheck components to check the compatibility between the schemas
It works for field's type comparaison but I want to check the values too for the fields typed as Enum. But I don't know how to set this kind of field type.
Thanks by advance
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Re: generic schema - set a field as enum

Talend does't support Enum type as data type on schema, you can define it as a string with delimiter, such as:
"Yes;No;No answer", and then parse the string or filter it on Java components, like tJavaRow or tMap.
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Re: generic schema - set a field as enum

Ok. I'll try this. Thank you
So, what is the List type?