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generate output file (csv)

Hi All,

I have a requirement wherein the name of the output file shud be dynamic as below (The data is extracted from DB table)



Also it contains header in format below



 and footer in below format



Note: The file will also contain the data with 15 columns which will be placed after header and closed by footer.

Can you please suggest possible design to do so


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Re: generate output file (csv)

Is the timestamp based on the system time or from another source?

Re: generate output file (csv)


Do you want to load all the tables into csv. files dynamically?

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Re: generate output file (csv)

Its based on system time
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Re: generate output file (csv)

There is only one table of 15 columns whose data has to be extracted in csv file
Data from all columns needs to be extracted
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Re: generate output file (csv)

At the start of most of my jobs, I use a tSetGlobalVar component to setup some commonly used variables.  One of them in the current timestamp, unsurprisingly named "timestamp", which I create with the expression:


You can use global variables created this way in most expressions and component settings.  For an output file, you would set the file name to be "XXX_" + ((String)globalMap.get("timestamp")) + ".csv"


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Re: generate output file (csv)

That's what I would suggest too.