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fuzzy match for a column in same table

I am trying to perform fuzzy match on table.
I am trying to compare rows in same table and find duplicate rows.
For Example
FirstName, LastName, DOB
Mary          Jones       12/16/1960
Mary          Jones       12-16-1960
Mary          Jones       1960-12-16
Mery          Jones       1960-12-16

All of these records can be duplicate record, i need to mark them as duplicate. How can i do that using tFuzzyMatch? I am using TOS-DI tool.

Re: fuzzy match for a column in same table

Have you already checked component reference about:TalendHelpCenter:tFuzzyMatch?
What does your expected result look like? Do you also check component TalendHelpCenter:tUniqRow which is used to compare entries and sorts out duplicate entries from the input flow?
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