error handling scenario for XML file

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error handling scenario for XML file

Hi All , 

Actually , I'm working on Talend open Studio for ESB , and since I am a beginner , I just finished this scenario :

I followed all the script instructions and the problem is in my output I have  a fatal  error message bat also i don't get  the  expected resultHere is my output : 

ereurfatale.PNGoutputtfilelist.PNGtFileList configurationtdtvalidator.PNGtDTDValidator configtmap.PNGtMap configurationtfiledelim.PNGtFileOutputDelimited conf

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Re: error handling scenario for XML file

First of all ... it would really help if you run your Talend in English mode.
From the java error...
It tries to open the XML file and parse it content into a Document type.
It fails and raises the error: DOMParser

Make sure the XML is valid and like the DTD:

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