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dynamic attachments for tSendMail

I wonder if there's a way to send the attachment dynamically instead of doing it manually in the tSendMail component. Right now the attachments are saved in a db table and according to the email id I'd like to append the attachments existing in the db table.

For example, if the email id I'm sending is 12345 and in the attachment table for email id 12345 there are 5 attachments I need to attach those five files. Accordingly, if there's 4 I need to make adjustment.
Is there a way to attach dynamically? Or I have to develop a customized component for this need?
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Re: dynamic attachments for tSendMail

I'm don't think there's a way to send them completely dynamically directly but you can do one of the following:
1. Define as many attachments in tSendMail as you think you'll need, using variables for the file names with "Die if attachment doesn't exist" unchecked. Then populate the variables dynamically.
2. You can specify a folder as the "attachment" and the files in the folder will be sent. So you need to create a folder and copy the files you want to send for use by tSendMail.
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Re: dynamic attachments for tSendMail

Is it possible to mask files to be attached?
Example: send *.txt files