dynamic api's url passing variable - Error

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dynamic api's url passing variable - Error

I'm trying to pass dynamic date variable in api's url. 
Here is my job

From Api's url JSON is coming and in tJavarow_1 am converting JSON to xml and storing in tfileoutputdelimited.
In url I pass specific date then get the JSON for that date only. But I want pass any variable which will store current date and get data accordingly.
Here is my trestclient component configuration.

And when I pass "myvalue" in URL it shows error like this in log

Payload: {"errorMessages":,"errors":{}}

In URL I'm passing variable like this'mydate'&fields

In output am receiving the xml but empty.
Please help me for the same.
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Re: dynamic api's url passing variable - Error

if i understood correct you want to send a request with mydate which can be any thing pass from variable. then you can use it like below. 

 or you can pass mydate value as 

please try this one.