denormalize two columns to single row

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denormalize two columns to single row

Hi team,
I need to convert two rows of data to individual columns. I tried it with tnormalize and tdenormalize and tpivot components but still i'm not able to get the proper output.
My input is
ID ;Seg_No; Name
1; Seg_1; AAA
1; Seg_2; BBB
1 ;Seg_3; CCC

My Output needs to be in
ID App_No1 App_No2 App_No3 Name1 Name2 Name3
1 Seg_1 Seg_2 Seg_3 AAA BBB CCC

can anyone provide inputs on the above query.
I'm using talend Data fabric enterprise edition 6.3.


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Re: denormalize two columns to single row

tDenormalize and tAggregateRow can both group the Seg_No and Name values into delimited lists. If every ID has a set number of values, this should create the output you describe. What is the problem with the output you're seeing?

Re: denormalize two columns to single row


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