data from external file to oracle table

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data from external file to oracle table

hi team ,

i want to extract data from external file (only one value e.g 100) and pass this value to oracleSp this has a stored function and this returns a value that is to be stored in another table (oracle) ,for test i am using logrow .

i have created tFileInputDelimited_1->tFixedFlowInput_1-> tOracleSP_1-> tLogRow_1

the above does not work

this works tFixedFlowInput_1-> tOracleSP_1-> tLogRow_1

but if i put tFileInputDelimited_1 then blank value .

Please advise, thanks in advance

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Re: data from external file to oracle table


I think (sorry can't try cause I've not Oracle installed on my laptop), you can connect tOracleSP to tFileInputDelimited.

Supposing the tFileInputDelimited schema is made of 1 integer field (called value for example) configure the tOracleSP like this:


The output schema contains a field in which the result will be return by the called function.

Select this field in the list "Return result in".

Let me know if it works.

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Re: data from external file to oracle table


a) ParentJob: tFileInputDelimited_1->tFlowToIterate_1-> tRunJob_1 with context parameter for SubJob

b) SubJob: tFixedFlowInput_1-> tOracleSP_1-> tLogRow_1

tFixedFlowInput_1with Modus 'Use Single Table'

'column_1' with value context.param_1,

'column_2' with value context.param_2 etc... all needed Input-Parameter from tOracleSP_1