custom value in tac

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custom value in tac


When I run a job from TAC in which the custom parameter contains special characters (for example, Ö), the information is not restored correctly to the job, and the job does not work.
On the other hand, if this value with this character is already in the value of the original parameter, the information is restored correctly, the job is working
Should I modify the encoding of my TAC data base (Mysql) and if so which table?

other solution?

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Re: custom value in tac


Could you please also post the screenshot of your custom parameter that contains special characters into forum? Which will be helpful for us to understand your issue.

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Re: custom value in tac

as you can see the 2 values are identical.
if I leave the original value, I job is working fine, but I put a personalized value, there is an encoding problem.
I think the problem is on the character of the table in which the value is stored.