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custom Excel file output with tJavaRow

I'm using Talend to create a job which will perform an analysis of data using multiple input (different excel files and two Oracle tables)
the goal is to generate three excel files, two of them are using the generic tFileOutputExcel component, the last one is using tJavaRow because I need to make a dynamic presentation depending on the content (I'm comparing some columns and when the result is not the expected one I put the content in RED)
It's working but my concern is that I'm opening and writing/closing the excel file for each row which make it slow. how can I create the excel file before going in the tJavaRow and closing it once it's finished (like it's done for the generic tFileOutputExcel)
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Re: custom Excel file output with tJavaRow

do you open the excell file yourself in tJavaRow?
If so, you can use tJavaFlex instead. There you can open, write and close the sheet in different sections. The first and last is executed only once.
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Re: custom Excel file output with tJavaRow

thanks this is working perfectly and much faster than previously Smiley Happy