creation of data warehouse from a database

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creation of data warehouse from a database

hi ,
I m new to talend , i need some help for a project for my study , i need to do that sequence database(oracle) -> data warehouse -> olap cube -> web application (jee) .
i don't how to connect my data base with the data warehouse .
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Re: creation of data warehouse from a database

You will hardly find a useful answer to this question.
A data ware house is simply a database. Talend provides database input components (reading from a database table) and database output components and several transformation, processing and orchestration components.
My suggestion: Define a small use case and try to implement it.
Take a tour through the help pages:
 and youtube videos...
and learn Java if not already done!
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Re: creation of data warehouse from a database

thanks for your reply ,
can i create a olap cube with a relational data base because i didn't fin any tutorial that help me to dot , all tutorial give me that sequence data warehouse -> olap cube , and my data base is already exist and the schema of warehouse is not like a data base ( ware house schema consists of at least one fact table and a number of dimension tables) if you have any good tutorial that will a big help .
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Re: creation of data warehouse from a database

Building OLAP cubes is not typically a task for an ETL tool. 
OLAP based on database tables are called ROLAP. Typical tools for this way are Mondrian OLAP, Oracle BI, Business Objects....
There are some OLAP tools based on there own storage engine and for some of them you can build the necessary files with Talend. Tools like this are Palo (her you can find components to build the cubes).
If we talk about SAP BW there are dedicated SAP components -> especially on the new enterprise release 5.6.1
Though, there is no ONE good tutorial. There are for sure good tutorials but rather for the dedicated tools.
For the Microsoft OLAP tools I suggest you use the Microsoft tool chain.
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Re: creation of data warehouse from a database

thank you sir you have helped me much ,and thank you for your time 

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