count and group by

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count and group by

Hi Talend experts


I need to perform something like this:


I need to make Fact table which shows how many students visited and posted comments on portal.
The fact table structure would be like this:
 Student_key, region_key, disability_key, date_key, portal_page_view_count, portal_comment_count
I have got Portal_event table which will have data like this:
id, user_id, name (i need to capture where name='posted_comment' and where name='page_visited') and these counts will go to page_view_count and portal_comment_count in fact table
id .  User_id .  Count
1 .    100 .        1
2 .    100 .        1
3 .     200 .       1
4 .     300 .       1
5 .      300 .      1
based on such data i will get count for page_visited student count and posted_comment count.
 Another table is portal_user_history which captures which students logged into portal 
id, studentid 
Basically based on join of id.portal_event=id.portal_user_history i will get studentid which i will pass it to next one to next component.
Then I get Student_key etc later...
 But mainly how do i organise getting studentid detail from both table portal_event and portal_user_history table and pass it to next flow?
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Re: count and group by

Can you please provide sample datasets that we can use to simulate scenarios you posted?


It's a bit hard to follow at this point, at least for me.

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